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G8 Summit Security

Copperhead LogoR Hughes Helps Keep the G8 Summit Leaders Protected With Copperhead Perimeter Intrusion Detection Sensors!

June 26, 2002

R Hughes Technical Services Group helped protect the G8 Summit leaders in Kananaskis by providing the G8 Summit Security Team with a Sophisticated Perimeter Protection system.

Copperhead incorporates an advanced digital signal processing algorithm which has been tested around the world in critical military and industrial high-security applications.

"Dual processors check all sensor signals in real time against 18 different evaluation criteria before triggering an alarm," said Duane Thompson, Fiber SenSys product manager. "This gives Copperhead excellent performance for differentiating intruders cutting, climbing or lifting the fence fabric from wind-generated signals, environmental events and other nuisance sources."

The Copperhead system uses a sensitive, sturdy piezoelectric sensing cable to detect vibrations on the fence, and offers an industry-leading maximum zone length of 500 meters (1,640 ft.). This can be combined with insensitive leads anywhere in the zone to accommodate gates, buildings and other obstacles.

The system is designed to meet the security needs of correctional institutions, self-storage lots, fleet yards, material and equipment storage yards, car lots, outdoor retail sites, boat yards and marinas, residential communities, nursing facilities and other similar installations.