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Tour Andover Controls

Andover Controls has recently become a part of Tour Andover Controls (TAC).

TAC uses backward-compatible systems with Plain English® so that you can code and fine tune your own system. TAC's systems integrate all your facility management needs into a diverse multi-faceted architectural bundle. This includes:

  • HVAC control
  • Security and card access
  • Lighting control
  • CCTV and digital recording
  • Fire & life safety

    Let’s End The Confusion!

    We’re Not Going Anywhere!

    We continue to have a very active role and ability to meet your needs in all aspects of your Andover systems.

    We will continue to support you - our customer - with ongoing maintenance or system repairs! If you want to upgrade your existing Andover System or add a new Andover System, we’re here to do that for you. We have not and will not be severing the long lasting relationship we have with our customers.

    I trust this may clear up what others in the industry may have been erroneously advertising.

    If you have any questions give us a call, we would be happy to talk to you.


    R.D. Hughes R.E.T.
    R Hughes Technical Services Group Inc.